Project Description


A customised programme for management teams, workgroups and project teams, providing group development and improved performance.

Collectively Intelligent Teams, or 1+1 = 3

Almost everything we do, we are expected to do in collaboration with others. At times, the sum of the participants’ capacity is higher than the individual’s capacity, but unfortunately the opposite is far too often the case.

Modern research has clearly shown how group efficiency and the shared ability to generate results depend entirely on how the team members relate to and behave towards one another. A high-performing team requires psycological safety within the group. This means that trust, openness and communication must exist and function properly.

Over the past 15 years, Ledarstudion has studied and trained individuals to achieve more self-awareness and more conscious communication. And in the past eight years, we have carried out many of these trainings with management teams and workgroups. Our programmes have consistently displayed strong positive results for the teams, even in situations where we have had a main focus on the individuals.

Based on our years of experience within communication training, we decided in 2016 to focus on the collective skills of a group, where we spend six to eight days targeting the skills and functions that, on both individual and group level, result in high-performing teams.

These programmes are designed to provide the participants with the opportunity to practice and develop their individual communication skills while at the same time creating and reinforcing the skills and functions required to boost the collective intelligence of the team.

Examples of programme content:

  •       The participants’ personal communication and expression
  •       Perception – how we understand the world around us
  •       Myers Briggs™ communication style and personality
  •       Values. – charting and tracing individual values
  •       Listening, contact and empathy
  •       Group dynamics and collective intelligence
  •       Responsibility, openness and trust within a group
  •       Social sensitivity
  •       Feedback
  •       Conflict management
  •       Group processes
  •       Psychological safety
  •       Reflection

“Motivationen i ledarskapet är att få alla att växa och få en egen drivkraft”

/ Kerstin Wallentin
kommunikationschef Systembolaget