Project Description


Most of us are more afraid of holding a speech than dying. One in every four persons has speech anxiety. Although we are not in any real danger, our bodies react in the same way as if we are in mortal danger. Your body is only concerned with your welfare and is trying to protect you. It is therefore important to teach your body the difference between imagined danger and real danger.

Speech anxiety can cause you to under-perform and prevent you from living up to your full potential. You may even have refused a job or the opportunity to hold a presentation, lecture or private speech because of anxiety. It is important to distinguish between positive stress that gives you an adrenalin kick and helps you perform better, and negative stress that throws a spanner into the works and steals your energy.

Self-control is an obstacle to your hidden talents, and we can develop these together by means of training. By shifting your focus, you can distract your nerves and direct your thoughts where you want them. It is therefore important to step outside your comfort zone, let go and dare to welcome the unforeseen. The most important aspect is to understand yourself, accept your reactions and transform your nervousness into a nerve that becomes a driving force instead of shackles. Come to terms with your inner critic. This is not an easy process, but it can be done. It is all a question of practicing and trying, getting feedback and never giving up.

Communicative skills are a technique that everyone can practice

Do you want to improve your skills to become more inspiring and interesting and make your message very clear in content and form?

We carry out a needs assessment with you

Together, we will carry out a needs assessment upon which we customise your training. According to your needs, we will match you with suitable and experienced coaches who can help you.

Join us to explore your opportunities – with practice, everyone can be confident, excellent speakers!