Project Description


For recent graduates or those who have been in working life for only a few years and want to be more secure in how you express yourself, get your message across and get others to listen, become more self-confident and secure when communicating.

Are you a recent graduate or one who has been in working life for a few years and want to be more secure in how you express yourself?

Många som går våra program konstaterar efteråt att ”Det enda jag ångrar är att jag inte fick den här träningen tidigare”.

By becoming more self-confident when faced with life’s challenges, the transition from adolescent to adult is much smoother and successful. These challenges may involve applying for further education or taking a first step on the career ladder. They may also quite simply involve feeling confident and less nervous in situations where you have to get your message across to others and want to make a significant and certain impression.
The aim is to communicate more consciously, efficiently and effectively by:

  •       Reinforcing your full range of expression at an early stage of working life
  •      Developing the tools to be able to make a strong, positive and authentic impression when e.g. applying for work experience or a job
  •       Discover and think through values, motivating forces and communication style in order to reinforce your own self-awareness, motivation and inspiration, and to minimise the risk of nervousness and insecurity
  •       Make sure that what you are saying, your body language and how you sound are all coherent and send the same message

To help you get to know yourself even more, we also use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and VALUE. – self-assessment tools for personality and values.

The programme is led by our unique and highly qualified communication coaches and voice and body coaches who together guide you and provide challenging, reinforcing and developmental feedback.

In our minds, there is nothing more obvious than the need to invest in young people today, helping them become more confident and secure. We provide the opportunity for you to invest in youth, to enable their journey through the first trials of working life and make this a positive and safe communicative experience for them.


2+2 days with approx. 4 weeks between the sessions


  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Values. ™


  • Leadership developers
  • Voice and body language coaches

Programme start:

This programme can be arranged in English and abroad on request.