Why do we want to help you communicate better in your life? The world would be a better place if everyone could understand and influence each other! At Ledarstudion we create the enviroment needed for you to grow.

With Ledarstudion, you get insight into what other people see and hear of your communication, things you might not be aware of about yourself. When you find your own potential and strengthen your communicative skills, you will have much better meetings with people – whether it is in the boardroom or the coffee room. We challenge you in different situations so that you can explore your potential and at the same time feel appreciated. A broad competence with certified leadership developers, communication coaches, voice and body coaches and actors are our signum. With us, you will get powerful tools specific for your challenges!

You will feel safer when you know that those who listen to you perceive you the way you want and intend. This will also make them remember you and your message. You are in charge of your communication, therefore we ensure that the training is all about You!


To optimize self-development, we use the tools used on stage for presence, eagerness and expressiveness to create contact and credibility.

PRESENCE is to be in the moment and both have a contact with yourself and the people you interact with. Communicative excellence occurs when you have an inner and outer presence, where empathy is the main ingredient. Everyone can develop their ability to embrace another person’s situation and feeling.

EAGERNESS is how you focus on what is most important and interesting. You reach a greater level of eagerness when you successfully communicate this with a clear will and a sense of urgency.

EXPRESSIVENESS occurs when your message, your body language and your voice interact in a personal and authentic manner. Storytelling is something you can use to affect and move people.