Project Description


For those who prefer private training with one or more of our coaches.

Communicative skills are a technique that everyone can practice

Do you want to improve your skills to become more inspiring and interesting and make your message very clear in content and form?

Your presentation starts with us

Managers and individuals who privately need to practice their skills in connecting with others, presence, clarity and credibility before a presentation should develop their basic skills with us. We say “should” because we know that we can give any presentation an extra boost.

Your presentation may be at a leadership conference, it may be an introductory speech or at a board meeting, partnership meeting, perhaps a meeting with the media or a tribute and celebratory speech for someone who means a lot to the organisation or to you privately.

When is Individual Guidance best?

Individual guidance is best in two situations. Firstly, for persons who have completed the basic programme and want to practice within a real-life situation; and secondly for persons who want to try out our concept and then go on to complete some of our basic programmes.

We do not recommend Individual Guidance if you want to work with a number of our tools and exercises. You need to take part in a group in order to make the most of these. It is a powerful thing to see how you and others can develop in the right setting, and it would take so much more time to achieve such a journey on your own. The insight and lessons you can learn from watching others develop is invaluable.
Our educational concept is always that it is our coaches who are qualified to challenge, scrutinise and assess you and the others, both for individual guidance and group practice.

We carry out a needs assessment with you

With our Individual Guidance, you can practice individually with one or more of our coaches. Together, we will carry out a needs assessment upon which we customise your training. According to your needs, we will match you with suitable and experienced coaches who can help you make your message clear in both content and form.

As always, you will be working with your voice and body, and how they interact with the content and your message – all with the aim to awaken the curiosity of your audience, keep them interested and inspired.

Join us to explore your opportunities!