Project Description


We offer interactive lectures on personal expression and the ability to develop an excellent style of communication.

Are you looking for lecturers, moderators or panel leaders for your conference?

We provide interactive lectures on how people can develop and practice their skills to become more interesting and inspiring via their personal expression. We provide examples of how leadership and stage performance can be united to create a stronger corporate culture by acting yourself as a role model for how courage, openness and trust can be built.
All effective cultures have groups that are smart, that build a social sensitivity and that have a high level of security.

Leadership and stage performance

When we hold lectures, we recommend that a leadership developer and an actor from Ledarstudion cooperate on the stage for the presentation. They represent two different professions within communication, leadership and stage performance. They create interactive exercises where stage presence and the ability to connect with and reach out to an audience is not just a theoretical reflection but an experience-based insight that the audience can feel and observe.

Moderators and panel leaders

We also offer the opportunity to have one of our coaches as moderator during the entire conference or as panel leader during certain sections of a conference.
In our certified role, we have the ability to scrutinise and create insight from which others can learn and apply on a daily basis. Skills training is our signature.

Studios equipped with a stage

We have the space for your next conference. If you arrange your conference at our premises, you can hire Ledarstudion’s studios that are equipped with stages and can seat from 40 to 200 persons.
Our building has four stories, with our largest studio on the ground floor and a further six studios on the other three stories. We can cater for the entire organisation, dividing participants into groups for conversations and practice.

Get in touch and we will tailor a solution for groups of all sizes.