If we are to trust one another, you need the courage to open up. Once you have done this, you will soon realise that you are not the only person to have your thoughts and feelings. Others may feel exactly the same way you do or also have ideas and thoughts that hold them back. There is joy to be found in recognition and sympathy, but primarily in the feeling of conquering your hurdles. You dare to try, and it feels good. At Ledarstudion, only our experienced coaches provide you with feedback and comments. You will not be criticised, only supported and challenged.


Everything matters. Our customers are highly motivated to improve their communication skills and are keen to increase their self-awareness and learn to understand others better. Our unique and comprehensively tested training concept comprises powerful methods and tools that work. However, without our highly qualified coaches, none of this would matter. We always have two coaches for our open programmes, teaching a small and motivated group who join forces to explore and develop their skills. The programmes are held in a home-like environment with a calm and relaxing atmosphere. There is plenty of space in our studios and you are in safe but demanding hands. You are here to develop.


You are here to explore your own personality and to identify your potential and create results. A plan is prepared for what you can achieve with each programme. You will not be able to hide at the back of the classroom. Every participant plays a central role on our stage. Some of Sweden’s foremost managers have attended Ledarstudion, and several are members of our Advisory Board. This is where people who want to reach higher and be better come to learn. This is not a high-altitude training camp, however; there are no concessions. You will need willpower, courage and the care we show you to be able to develop as a person and a team player. It is all about the art of leading yourself and others. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes. You find your hidden potential when you receive tools, exercises and new attitudes. This is something you can benefit from for the rest of your life. On our part, we promise a lot of care, appreciation and acknowledgement.