Because the Public Health Authority has increased the risk of spreading the Coronavirus (covid-19), we urge all employees and participants with viral infection and / or cold symptoms to stay at home.

See further information on the website of the Public Health Authority.

What do we do;

– Stays at home if we have cold symptoms

– Wash our hands and use hand sanitizer as we enter Ledarstudion.

– Hand sanitizer is available on all floors.

– All towels and dishcloths are replaced with disposable paper towels.

– We use disposable gloves for all food handling.

– We only serve fruit with peel and sandwiches/cakes in portion packages.

– Kitchen surfaces and refrigerator handles are dried before and after each coffee break.

– We do not go to buffet restaurants at lunch

– We have extra cleaning with disinfection on exposed surfaces such as door handles, light buttons, telephones etc.

– We empty the trash on the toilets several times a day.

– We follow the authorities’ advice. We stay updated and adjust our routines when requested.

What do we expect from you as a participant;

– Please stay home if you have symptoms as above.

– Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer when you come to our premises.