Project Description


Everyday learning involves creating a culture for learning on a daily basis.

Keynote Listener

Given that you cannot know the unknown, it can be difficult at times to judge what people perceive and interpret, and the areas in which your company or your team has unexploited potential in terms of communication.

It can often be beneficial to allow an external party to evaluate your communication and listening in a group or in a context. Our coaches can attend management group meetings or conferences to listen to how people listen. We then provide feedback on what we have seen, heard and understood. Perhaps the results of your communication are contrary to expectations?

Communication is most true and authentic in real-life situations – not only what is explicitly communicated but also what is absorbed and perceived by the recipient. It is therefore increasingly common for a company to hire a Keynote Listener to listen, analyse and then enable improvements to communication efficiency.

Meetings and conferences are complex communicative contexts. Even if employees are especially skilled communicators and know their field, there are numerous pitfalls to avoid.

  • How does this work within the wider context of your company?
  • How do you help your employees understand the right issues and how do you make sure your meetings are inspiring and productive?

Our coaches spend a lot of their working time listening to people who are communicating. We are best at scrutinising, challenging and assessing our participants to increase their awareness of their personal expression and own communication. Unsuccessful meetings not only cost time and money, they also impair the employees’ confidence and commitment. Allow us to come and listen – we can help you identify your unknown and hidden potential.

Sustainable communication culture

What are openness and trust; what is it that makes people understand and respect each other? How can you change a corporate culture to become more courageous, warm and caring? In today’s social climate, some values can unfortunately get lost. There are people in power who believe this gives them the wrong kind of rights or obligations.

Identifying with, respecting and caring about each individual – these are all key to ensuring sustainable workplaces. And a sustainable workplace means good business, one that attracts and retains employees, where men and women have equal opportunities and positive values are apparent in daily working life.

Ledarstudion’s vision is to create a better world where people understand and influence each other. We have the ideas, experience and tools to lead discussions of values, make sure people listen, work on difficult conversations and invite dialogue. If you feel that your organisation may need or want a more sustainable communication culture – then get in touch!We want to help you make a difference.