Project Description


Training for top-level managers with responsibility for both employees and results, and who are simultaneously striving to increase own efficiency, productivity and profitability.

The focus is on you and your leadership, how you can best become interesting, comprehensible and inspiring. Leadership is all about communication – the ability to compose a vision, lay down specific goals and follow up on activities, sell the company to customers, motivate employees, radiate reliability and energy, drive forward change and communicate fundamental values. Leading yourself, your group and company on the road ahead.

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Practice being your very best

The programme provides individual guidance in an exclusive group of maximum six participants to develop your communicative leadership. You have the opportunity to practice your skills in inspiring others, creating meaning and context and simultaneously stimulating the motivation and determination of your employees.

Learn techniques you will never forget

You will be able to develop your skills in communicating more comprehensibly, interestingly  and inspirationallyin conversations with other people during meetings and in front of a large audience. Exploring and being challenged in how you can efficiently get your message across by working on content and form, but also body and voice, aided by our highly qualified leadership developers, voice and body coaches, and some of Sweden’s foremost actors, who together guide you and provide challenging exercises and perceptive feedback.

Examples of content:

  •       Practicing a varied and inspiring method of getting your message across
  •       Identifying how best to use your voice
  •       Learning how to recognise your body language and how to adapt it
  •       You receive personal, reinforcing and challenging feedback from our qualified coaches
  •       Practice leading conversations involving a dilemma
  •       The Myers Briggs Type Indicator tool – understanding your own and others’ style of communication
  •       The VALUE. tool – identifying your personal fundamental values to become more genuine and credible
  •       The opportunity to reflect and discuss based on relevant leadership theories


4 sessions of 2 days with approx. 4 weeks between each session.


• Myers Briggs Type Indicator™
• Values. ™


  • Leadership developers
  • Voice and body language coaches
  • Stage performing coaches
  • Actors

”Jag tror aldrig jag varit med om något så utmanande, där jag samtidigt känt mig så trygg”

/ Eva Norén
HR-chef Bonnier Books

“På Ledarstudion får jag uppriktig återkoppling på hur jag uppfattas, mitt kroppsspråk och hur min röst låter”

/ Sebastian Siemiatkowski
vd Klarna